About Cart source

Foshan Nanhai Cart-Source Hardware & Industry Co., Ltd (Former Foshan Nanhai Mashe Xiangqian Galvanize & Metal products Factory), locates in the centre of prosperous Zhujiang delta. It well-equipped with traffic. Transportation and communication facilities which are advantageous to economic trade, production and technological cooperation. 

We have two factories, one is chrome plating factory, another is metal products factory. Our main markets are Japan, USA, Canada, South Asia, South America, Middle East, and some Euro countries. Our metal products factory mainly manufactures Shopping trolleys and carts, foldable promotion carts, metal racks, wire shelving, wire baskets, metal cages, metal hooks, shopping baskets, and other metal products for all kinds of supermarkets, We also have chrome plating factory by ourselves, we have more than 20 years of experience in electroplating metal products, our chrome plating quality can meet the Chinese national standard, Grade: 6-7, we use "Method of Salt Spray (Fog) Test for Surface Finishing", it¡¯s rust prevention ability standard can get to 24 hours.